Monday, 01 April 2019

8.30 Registration
9.00 Welcome and Introduction
General Introduction: Gerhard Winter
PIPPI Introduction: Pernille Harris

Session 1: Protein formulation
Invited Speaker: John Carpenter – University of Colorado

Interactions of stabilizing excipients with proteins in aqueous solution, during freezing and during dehydration - If you don't know about the Timasheff mechanism, you don't know anything of importance for protein formulation

Short Lectures:

Maria-Laura Greco / Shahid Uddin – Medimmune
A formulation study of Antibody drug conjugates

Inas El Bialy / Wolfgang Friess - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Interfacial Activity of Monoclonal Antibodies and its Impact on Formulation Stability

Short Lecture selected from abstracts

11.00 Coffee Break, posters will be mounted

Session 2: Structural Biology
Invited Speaker: Tom Laue – University of New Hampshire

Interactions in high concentration, complex solutions

Short Lectures:

Matja Zalar / Alexander Golovanov – University of Manchester
Using NMR in biopharmaceutical formulation

Alina Kulakova / Pernille Harris - Technical University of Denmark
Structure and stability of multidomain proteins

Short Lecture selected from abstracts

13.00 Lunch Break, Poster Session

Session 3: Protein Stability
Invited Speaker: Chris Roberts – University of Delaware

Experimental and simulated protein-protein interactions and challenges in predicting stability and solution viscosity

Short Lectures:

Hristo Svilenov / Gerhard Winter – Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Formulation of therapeutic proteins - Connecting protein unfolding, refolding, aggregation and long-term storage stability

Sujata Mahapatra / Werner Streicher – Novozymes
Characterization of weak and strong interactions of Monoclonal antibodies in concentrated solutions

16.10 Coffee Break, Posters Are Up

Session 4: Protein Data Analytics
Invited Speaker: Sven Amrhein – Roche, Basel

Automated formulation development of novel complex protein formats

Short Lectures:

Dillen Augustijns / Asmund Rinnan - University of Copenhagen
Chemometrics in protein formulation

Lorenzo Gentiluomo / Dierk Roessner - Wyatt Technology Europe
Predicting and evaluating the stability of therapeutic protein formulation by light scattering and machine learning

17.40 End of day one
19.45 Conference Dinner in the old town of Heidelberg

Order of sessions can be changed.